SoundMagic ES18 Review – A great pair of headphones at an amazing price

SoundMagic ES 18 earphones

My SoundMagic ES18 review

The SoundMagic ES18 are an decent looking pair of earphones.

Build & Design:

They don’t look really costly and the styling is modest. Actually, the cable is of really poor quality and by the first look, you’ll feel that the money has been wasted. The cable is a little hard, but still prone to tangling. The earphone jack is a right angled jack, and is well built (some people will feel its an old skool 3.5mm jack!)


This is where the SoundMagic ES18 really does well. The sound is amazing since the earphones come in really cheap. The soundstage is good enough and you’ll be able to listen to a lot of punchy bass. (Although some bass-heads may dissaprove this!)

The trebles have a muffed top end, so for those listening to electronic music may be a little disappointed. Although it handled all the other genres really well. The Rock genre is where the earphones really shine!

I listened to all types of tracks right from Eric Clapton’s ‘Cocaine’ to the latest tracks like ‘Uptown Funk’ from Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars and performs well throughout.


At just around 10$ retail price, you really can’t ask for more. But the guys at SoundMagic have thrown in a nice looking pouch with a leather-like feel to keep your earphones protected. I’d say that its really good and I’ve been using it for the last couple of months and have no issues whatsoever.


The SoundMagic ES18’s are really rugged and I use mine very rough and they have survived with me for 2 months now. How they’ll do in the future… that time will only tell (and I’ll update it here).

I recommend that you have a pair for two reasons – 1) Its really inexpensive and can give a great performance and 2) To keep it as a spare in case you forget / your earphone stops working. Also you get the pouch which you can use for your other earphone too!

SoundMagic ES 18 headphones

SoundMagic ES 18 headphones

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