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Hi guys… I don’t know whether its already posted somewhere else… but I found out a nice trick to resume the stuck Mega Downloads.. (mega.co.nz)

Are you facing issues like:

  • Mega stuck download
  • Mega stuck at 100 percent
  • Mega stuck at 0 percent
  • ..

Here goes the findings: I started to download a file (~1 gb size)  on my PC last night… I woke up in the morning to see the download was stuck at 27%… I was unhappy about it and I put my PC on ‘sleep’ mode… brushed and had breakfast..

Then I started the PC and saw the message on the stuck mega download as ‘temporary error – retrying’ and my download started again!!

But after that my download had stuck again at 69%… again did a quick PC ‘sleep’ and started again… got the retrying message and download started…

In short – Do this to restart your ‘Stuck’ Mega Download:

1. If the download is stuck – DO NOT close / refresh the browser or tab

2. Put your PC on ‘Sleep’ mode

3. After PC goes to sleep… then start the PC again

4. Mega will show ‘Temporary Error – Retrying’ Message

5. Voila! Your download resumes


If you find this article useful, kindly read my other articles. In case of any questions, I’ll be happy to help! – Thanks! 🙂

10 thoughts on “A sure way to resume Mega stuck downloads

  1. Thanks, this worked! When I first brought my PC out of sleep mode I saw the same error-retrying message and figured it didn’t work. I went to fill my coffee cup and came back and the download had completed! Weird solution, but at least it works. Thanks so much.

  2. You are the biggest legend I’ve ever seen. My 7gb download was stuck at 80% and I nearly cried, but you saved me. Thanks so much!!!

  3. It’s still not working for me, I have the megaSync App. What a waste of my time and the money this cloud stuff is.

  4. i dont know about u guyz but iam downloading a file of 57 gb and its now stuck in 70,iam not downloading with browser,iam downloading it with mega sync thinking specificaly it would not give me this error,do u guyz think this trick will work with mega sync

  5. I put it in sleep mode but it was just stayed at 100% and didnt move at all. Do i turn my computer completley off or just try again after putting it in sleep mode. Thanks

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